Monday, July 7, 2008

damn cambridge parking

i was too unassuming. july 1 - leave for airport at 4:30 am. park car near alicia's apartment, after using it to pick up a hogu that i left at home. july 2 - no parking sign goes up. i compete at nationals. july 3 - goddamn tow company takes away my car. july 4 - 7: each night i am charged $20 for car storage.

this is the second time my car was towed. sometimes i think it's a sign that having a car in cambridge is more trouble than it's worth. of course, sometimes you really really have to have a car, and that really makes it worth maintaining through the rest of the year. but i wonder why, of all the luck, did i have to park in one of the two spots that ended up becoming no park zones, when i was so careful to find the right place to park my car on street? the only sliver of redemption is that i might have gotten it broken into if it wasn't towed, and if i keep telling myself that, or that my plane could have simply crashed on the way to nationals, then there is a silver lining.

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