Friday, July 18, 2008


any pretense that the world you live in could be clean is an illusion. that nice white apartment wall? look closely and you'll probably see either a swarm of fruit flies or mosquitoes sitting there, wondering just as much as you how they got there.

the damn puddle outside my window is the cause of my latest insect infestation. since it rained a few weeks ago and the roof outside my window was flooded, there have been probably millions of mosquitoes breeding. and each time i've opened my window, or turned on a fan, i guess i'd been sucking in hundreds of mosquitoes. ugh. today i noticed that the spots on my wall were tens of the tiny bugs...and now i've gotten so used to seeing them that each time i see a dark speck, i reach for a newspaper, a shoe, or just a wad of tissue paper.

i must have squished 15 earlier this evening, before i found my pants on the ground, covered in the corpses of the ones that had died of starvation. i hope that they all swarmed and died in the same area...otherwise, my floor is covered in mosquito exoskeletons. then as i got ready for bed, i killed maybe another 15. funny, i guess they were all male, because i don't think i've been bitten yet. (knock on wood)

of course, i had already come up with a great solution to catch the fruit fly swarms that infested my trashcan and my dirty plates. now, all i need is a similar trap...maybe a gatorade bottle with a sack of blood inside?

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