Monday, April 28, 2008

morning wonders

i got up this morning at 5 to go to the airport, and then couldn't really sleep so I went directly to work. but even at 6:30, you have the early birds running along mem drive. sometimes i wonder, what's so appealing about running in the morning? i feel perfectly fine running at 2 pm, and might even prefer it because the warmth makes me sweat more. is it the chilly morning air that people enjoy? or just having an early start? i'm not sure. but other wonders of being up early is not only you get to be in an empty office much longer than usual, but little things, like how the water fountain stays steady in the morning because the water pressure is still stable, i assume. next time i come in early, i'll be sure to enjoy the steady pressure in the fountain, and maybe i'll even try to be the first to use one of the urinals.

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Anonymous said...

running in the cold makes you tire more slowly. running in the rain is even better. running in hail kind of sucks. :P