Friday, April 11, 2008


i'm not a big old comics fan but apparently elfquest was a big thing in the 80s, and once i found the digital version online i've been addicted. i even got some elfquest books from the great lincoln book drive.

and it's a cute little epic comic. the characters look pretty old school and there are some times you can definitely see the influence of 70's flare pants and disco hair. the plot is gripping but still lighthearted, with none of the bitterness that pervades today's epics. (think simplicity, like voltron or transformers, instead of cowboy bebop.)

but then i get to the "dance" of the mountain elves. and guess what - "quietly an elven youth herds all the children upstairs. 'we haven't earned the right to stay. we'll get our turn someday.'" and then they go full out into orgy mode:

how could i ever think that a 70's comic based on elves could be innocent???

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