Thursday, April 10, 2008


today is a glorious day. i looked at the weather and it was 67. this is coming from days of sub 40 weather in april, and suddenly the sky's blue and sunny and there's a warm breeze.

i went rollerblading in lexington during lunch, and it was like summer. a cool, breezy woodsy summer, not those hot humid boston downtown summers. and i discovered some new things in lexington that i didn't know were there - a paved bike trail that cuts through the woods, apparently straight to cambridge (~15 miles or so), and a huge "lexington compost center" right beside it. so aside from having to go a mile or so on a narrow, crunchy bike lane beside a two lane highway, having to skate through basically bogs and compost smelling semi-industrial terrain, it was like a stroll in the park.

doesn't matter though, because it's gorgeous outside, and it's so close to staying spring you can feel it. maybe a change of weather will also influence those guys on wall street to feel less negative...if they can actually look out the windows once a while from the floor.

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