Saturday, May 3, 2008


today i went through the worst cutting experience of my life. and it was only a measly 2 lbs of water. but basically i have become very intimate with saunas, more than i've ever been.

the pain started last night after dinner, when for some reason i was suddenly hungry. i wasn't hurting because of small meals before but once the water cutting started, the whole ordeal made the future bleak. and i started counting down the next 24 hours.

at work i was like a zombie, and i started rationing water. fortunately, the hours passed relatively quickly in the morning, and i was always surprised when the next hourly sip was available. at about 3 i started to zonk out, and i could not care for the group meeting at all. driving home was just another obstacle to me getting into the final sauna.

when i got to the gym, i was at 138.0 - about 1.5 lbs. three long and torturous sessions in the sauna were made better by the presence of talkative people who were surprised to no end that i was in full track pants and a hoodie. i also saw some phi sigs and managed to hang out with them in the sauna. and it surprises me that anyone would willingly sit in the sauna if they're not trying to cut water.

that made me wonder if there's anything actually good for you about saunas. there was a guy who doesn't actually work out at the gym - only uses the sauna, alternating between drinking water and pouring water for the 180 degree steam. is there any actual health benefit to sweating regularly? i don't know. maybe it just feels good.

and the last thing i remember thinking is how scary an actual world shortage of water would be. at the office i was reading treehugger and wondering what % of the world's fresh water is available outside of the glaciers. and then i remembered the cool, clear, flowing feeling of a water fountain, and i was suddenly scared. when gas becomes a rare commodity, we can compensate by not being road hogs. when water becomes rare, that's the time to really be concerned.

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