Monday, June 7, 2010

workweek day 2

sunday, june 6 - most of the work right now is spackling. then sanding. then screwing in more screws. those were definitely done out of order but with multiple people, whatever task is available is done whenever someone is not busy. primarily anye is helping, but cwilli and rene came by in the afternoon and helped with taping and spackling. we had a system where cwilli would slab on huge amounts of spackle, and i would come by with the corner tool and just make one swipe and the whole thing would pretty much form into a square edge. here's the picture of the horrific gaps in one corner. some require a lot of spackle, plus paper tape to cover the gaps so we don't empty a gallon of the mix into the wall cracks.

one thing i've never done is install corner beads. so we did that and it was a learning experience. the closet was a great experimental wall so basically we slathered a lot of spackle onto the corners, pushed the corner bead onto it and nailed small nails to hold it in place, then spackled some more.

before and after:

i also finished the chimney. because i need a contractor to come and look at the water damage i'm leaving the wall semi unclosed, with plywood covering it instead of drywall. it looks kind of funny but it's the room's avant garde art display.

and finally at the end of the weekend:

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