Wednesday, June 2, 2010

finishing ceiling and drywalling

drywalling is almost done. here is a view of the back wall, with the double layer of drywall (for fireproofing and sound insulation) almost complete. figuring out the right dimensions so that the drywall is supported by studs is somewhat hard.

ceilings are hard. especially when the beams are not actually perpendicular to each other, when there are light cans in the middle of beams, and when you havent quite finished putting in the closet frame. but the plus side is that me, cwilli, and iliya all got some extra points for my Kicked into Shape program for holding up heavy, heavy drywall. my shoulder and neck muscles hurt. here's the last major piece of the ceiling. with the insulation sticking out below the studs, you had to push the drywall up flush against the stud or the screw will just spin in place.

pane after pane we've moved the drywall up the stairs from the back yard into the living room, measured them, put them into place, found that they didn't fit and then filed away corners until they fit. there are some large gaps left, but hopefully that will all be covered up by trim. i have a lot of faith in trim.

cutting holes for the lighting is one of the most annoying things to do, because you measure from the wall into somewhere 28" from this wall and 32" from that wall, not even really knowing whether the drywall fits into the place you're measuring from. but because the trim for the lights isn't that big, any error either results in a large gap or the need to saw off tiny slices until the fixture peeks through the hole.

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