Thursday, June 24, 2010

sports in 2010

it's a great time to be a sports fan. and i'm not talking about your typical american sports fan with the superbowl sunday bbq. it's about all kinds of different sports where people are giving it their all and really doing some ridiculous things.

last week we were all glued to the TV for the celtics-lakers NBA finals. lakers took it in 7 in a rough final game and the tension was incredibly thick in every living room and bar in boston. somewhere, fans have to cry, it just happened to be in the beantown this year. i didn't really follow the celtics that much but now i will be watching rondo play next year.

then the world cup starts in south africa. it plays in the morning so we couldnt really watch as a group but the buzz is everywhere, and not just from vuvuzelas. when the US tied england 1-1 there was a shitstorm on reddit about getting England back for BP (which is ridiculous). then the US lost a point to tie 2-2 instead of win, and US fans were suddenly in uproars about bad reffing. but then we had a victorious overtime score by landon donovan (another person i didn't really follow until now) and it is all good for the US fans. furthermore, France has some serious *drama* and is out of the first round, and italy, last year's world cup winners, just lost and did not qualify for the 16. in fact they lost to south africa, who did not qualify but left the world cup with a sweet victory. and north korea scored 1 point against brazil for which kim jong-il must be rewarding his player, but they lost 7-0 against portugal.

then we've had the longest match in wimbledon history, john isner vs isner mahut, 5 sets over 3 days, with the final set ending at 70-68. they played for 10 hours yesterday until they couldnt see because the sun had gone down, and this morning resumed at 56-56. it was good that someone didn't just screw up and the game ended 58-56. but hopefully isner doesn't just lose in the next round in 3 sets or something pitiful, because he's going to be feeling this game for a while.

tomorrow morning we leave for Spain, for the World Universiade Taekwondo Championships! there will be a lot more sporting craziness, alot of travel and sightseeing after the competition, and a lot of europe to experience.

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