Sunday, June 6, 2010

nature you scary

i was witness to an amazing phenomenon of nature.

i was walking to dupont, and while passing the saferide turnaround, i saw a sheet of water descend in a cascade in front of me, coming like a wall toward me. it was like when the wet leaves of a tree get shaken up and a bunch of drops fall down at the same time while the rest of the day is clear. well that wasn't tree water but the rain that suddenly went from zero to downpour. in the 1.5 seconds it took to reach me i audibly said "oh shit" and threw on my hood (my china rain jacket is SO money) and hugged my d90 into my chest, and the torrent hit my head at the same time i heard screams from nearby Mass ave where unprepared pedestrians were now instantly soaked.

another guy passed me as he nonchalantly opened his umbrella. we both said at the same time, "that was awesome."

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David Chen said...

I was out too at the time, with Xuan and Mengfei. I felt the pressure and said to them "I think it's going to start raining hard" - and then it hit.

We were walking around later and saw quite a few uprooted trees. The wind was powerful stuff