Monday, May 11, 2009

spring cleaning

yesterday we had the end of year/cup party at my apartment. first, you'd wonder how to fit 50 people inside my smallish place. the main problem is that the living room is so small, and with a futon in there and a bed in my bedroom there's very little standing space. so, i decided to do a little spring cleaning and rearrangement, and now my bedroom is a lounge, complete with working coffee table, and my living room is much more open and still accomodates seating space and a tv. however, this came at the cost of my bed. not everyone can afford to have a full on bedroom, i guess. sleeping on a futon might be fresh for a few days or weeks. for now, my bed is completely disassembled and stowed in a corner - ikea furniture really packs up well. but my actual sheets are in the closet behind i'm literally sleeping on a futon with a tiny blanket and old pillows, like i'm crashing at someone else's place.

also, christmas lights are awesome. and black and blue lights are awesome too - it makes my bedroom look like a lounge. a sketchy lounge where i try to entice innocent greenbelts in, then i put on my business socks.

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