Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sangria is the blood of life

everytime i look at my kitchen nowadays two things run through my head: i hope nothing bad happened at the party that i can't remember, and how am i going to clean up with all this leftover wine?

so naturally, once in a while i find myself sitting at home with nothing to do but browse the internet and drink sangria. thanks, arpun, for bringing over a big ass bottle of cabernet that no one but you drank, and now i am obliged to finish it all by myself.

but i also wonder why we don't just all spend evenings sitting outside on the patio, sipping on sangria and listening to jack johnson. oh, right, 1) everyone's a student here, 2) boston weather sucks, and 3) i'm thinking of my sd days again. but as such, i can still enjoy a glass of sangria now and then. it's leftover from the party, it's in a huge goblet, and it's got frozen strawberries and pineapple ice cubes which i made to get rid of the pineapple juice from the party.

i am going to have a blast. in the words of my favorite phi sigs: SEEya lwtc!


Arpun said...

Haha, I really should not have even drank that wine. I think that's what did me in that night :-/ I'm glad you're making good use of it!

Anonymous said...

soy sauce.