Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a comment

a comment i made to how can i keep from singing:

your "ding" made me think of a microwave. when you open the door there you are, an adult, nice and toasty, ready to eat. but i guess we're not like kernels of popcorn.

i have found that i have matured without realizing it in some ways, and it's really scary how suddenly, in the recent year or so, things that used to be extremely meaningful have started to fade into the past. i guess life is like that - you'll find yourself in a place one day, physical or intangible, and whether you want to or not you might have to move on.

and yet there are other times and situations where i can't even fathom myself becoming like people i see that are "adults" - somehow they are just too much more than me in many ways - maturity, motivatedness, intelligence, i don't know if i'd ever get to that point. but that's what we all thought when we were freshmen in college looking at the seniors, and yet here we are, already past that time. just hopefully, we're not overcooked.

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