Friday, May 7, 2010

done with the destruction

Back to the posting of progress on my bedroom renovation.

after months of slow demolition i've finally torn down all the plaster and lathes in the room. also, to install lights i had to take down the ceiling too. that was an additional like 3 trips to dump out boxes of plaster. after a while, a hammer becomes part of your hand and removing lathes is done with just a flick of the wrist. and the result: a beautifully bare wood cabin with a skeletal roof. and dust, dust everywhere.

jim the electrician came by and pounded out a morning of work, and installed five recessed lighting fixtures and a new wire from the basement. the cost comes out to about $700 which is pretty good, because the room is going to look nice once those dimmer lights get put to use. cue soft 80's sex music.

the next step is to put up drywall. iliya and i spent about 2 hours moving 25 sheets of drywall to my back yard. after a few sheets your forearms really start to hurt from carrying them. and we nearly lost anye when the stack started to tip over as we were putting tarp around it. that was actually pretty scary, and iliya and i managed to catch the whole pile before it passed the 45 degree mark and stand everything back up. a stack of sheetrock is actually really heavy and scary. i don't look forward to bringing them upstairs.

so now the house is gutted and almost ready to be faced again. hopefully it'll look great soon. i'll be happy when there's not rock dust everywhere.

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