Thursday, May 13, 2010

may gardening

The best part about owning a house is that I own a back yard. a whole back yard to myself that I can plant whatever I want. And i've planted a ton of stuff. But there's either a kitty or bird that always comes and digs up my I had to start seeding indoors. which still doesn't work because I think my seed is no longer viable. :( only my gardening seeds, that is.

but anyway I planted a bunch of seeds and began keeping a lot just so I know what and when i've planted things. and they turned out to be really colorful and look cool. who knew that party cups could have a second life after they are discarded in a drunken stupor?

and here is bella hiding in the bushes, and swatting at some flying insect that only she sees.

*update* - I believe the eggplant has sprouted. again, the rosemary and thyme seedlings are unfamiliar to me so I can't tell if they're sprouts or weeds. and the tomatoes are still not emerging, and i'm worried that it'll become too late. last year the cherry tomatoes i threw out into the compost grew like crazy. this year the seeds i coddled and planted caringly refuse to sprout. it's like how kids who play outside in the dirt don't get allergies.

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