Monday, May 10, 2010

chicken fried

after 12 years living in north carolina and 10 years living in boston, i've realized that i've become a southern boy.

as the summer comes and things get warmer i am actually longing to visit home. i want to sit on the porch in the heavy heat drinking a cold iced tea. i want to hear the buzz of a lawnmower trimming the vast suburban fields. i want to drive to the local strip mall, visit a family dining establishment that has its own building and parking lot, and eat in a dining room filled with families. i want to drive down my high school's road and visit the bojangles.

i listened to the zac brown band whom i've never heard of before until today and their old time country actually didn't sound repulsive, but made me just want to visit home. so i bought two tickets off of jetBlue's $10 sale - like a commute, only 711 miles - for tuesday night at 11 pm to wednesday morning at 7 am. it'll be a quick and awesome trip home.

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