Monday, March 22, 2010

the weekend is

this weekend was pretty much amazing. and terrible.

on thursday we had a presentation for work, and afterwards the boss suggested that we can take friday off because it went well. so it was great - the beginning of a 3 day weekend was 60+ degrees and sunny. i put in enough work on my garden/cleaning up the patio that it felt like a real spring.

then i go for a run and go to cambridge bicycles first to pick up some spare inner tubes for my bike, since a sunny day means it's a good day to work on handy things outside. and as it goes, my jogging shorts didn't have pockets so i put my wallet in the same jacket pocket as my keys, which promptly dislodged them into the street. when i came bakc to retrace my steps they were nowhere to be found. either someone picked them up and left a nice message in my lincoln email, or it joined all my other shit in the land of lost items. i HATE losing things.

i was in no mood to jog and instead spent the next hour closing my credit cards. but still it was a beautiful day so i put my backup credit cards in a plastic ziploc bag that is still now my wallet.

then we had an amazing barbeque on saturday. my back yard has proven to be a chill enough place for about 8 people to eat burgers and drink beer, and once the leaves come out and there's a bit of shade and fragrant flowers it will be my private getaway. we proceed to drink our way through two real movies and one not real movie, playing a harold and kumar drinking game at the same time as kings. that was quite amazing.

sunday was chilly again. i find myself walking outside in the same pair of shorts and a similar tshirt as saturday but it is noticeably more uncomfortable. to repent for the excess of the previous day i eat only a breakfast and a dinner. hamburger for breakfast, potluck for dinner. also, i redeem myself by going to RDC's killer cardio sunday practice, between lifting weights with alicia for about an hour and then sitting on a stationary bike and chatting with chin for another half hour. not that the bike burned any real calories for me.

finally, i found out that my photography skills aren't that bad after all. i did catch a few lucky shots at the NLDC Potluck Party, which will be posted on my photo site soon. now i just need to figure out how to quickly and accurately adjust focus manually so i wont wait for the damn autofocus. and had i chosen i think i would have picked up on the bachata lesson pretty quickly but i was of course busy with my own art.

it felt like a spring weekend. or even a summer one. but i am still pissed about my wallet.

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