Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i got my tetanus vaccine today and my foot checked up. there was some minor scraping from construction work, no big deal, and i was overdue for the shot anyways. but the doctor was really nice and it just occurred to me that doctors are foul weather friends. you only ever see them when your life is in peril. and when you are relatively healthy, even a trip to the doctors to get a regular checkup is a pain and no one ever wants to do it. but that makes us the doctors' fair weather friends. if the doc has a good prognosis or treats you and you become healthy, then they get to see all your appreciation. but if you get bad news, then there is that unavoidable feeling that the doctor is linked to your misfortune. that is why the medical profession is so noble.

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Tomato and Eggs said...

it's nice to know that us doctors are so kindly thought of. :)