Friday, October 2, 2009

pamplona training day 2

i had nightmares all night. i imagined playing basketball at the old YMCA with a bunch of different people in my life. and it's a recurring dream where i'm pretty good at it, the rest of the people suck but arent really playing, and i have to dribble around not 5 defenders but maybe a crowd of 30 that are just standing around on the court. i woke up at 6:55 am and couldn't go back to sleep. in my dream, i had flown back to the US to play basketball, then returned on a 4 am flight to pamplona.

today's training seminar started off with poomse right away. (i'm glad we never had to do any drills like 200 sidekicks.) and we mixed up partners all over the place. at one point i went with a guy named jesus, who has the most intense eyes and looks like he's glaring all the time. he and his pairs partner critiqued my sipjin. they only spoke spanish and french, so we communicated with my awesome french which i used with series of grunts and japanese "so desu ka?" phrases. but it was very helpful because i realized i could communicate with people from spain, if i absolutely had to.

i don't know why we didn't video tape all of kytu's training. but i took video later.

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