Saturday, October 3, 2009

finished competition

we finished the pamplona open today with pretty good results. the men's masters triple placed 2nd (out of 2), the women's senior triple placed 2nd (out of 4), sarah won 3rd place in senior 2, garth won 4th in masters 2, sparky made top 8 in women's senior 1, and i made top 8 (7th place) in men's senior 1. alicia and i placed 12 out of 15 in pairs.

phillipe coached us in pairs and he is a big goofball. there will be plenty of pictures to prove it. him and kytu are two clowns when they are together. the us men are also a bunch of children as well. somehow it felt like this tournament was pretty low stress (relatively, and not including the moment when you are about to be called on deck) and high laughter count.

we made friends with the french and danish teams pretty well. mostly because they were closer in age to our senior 1 people. and speaking in french has become a bit easier although i still listen better, and talk pretty crappy.

it feels like boston's really far away. i read some of the emails and it's like the concerns of another lifetime. but i look forward to returning and i feel like i want to bring alot of what i've learned back home.

pictures to be posted, i promise. we have to rush to the same crappy restaurant to eat the same crappy lunch, so alicia and i are probably going to skip out. i'm going to order chinese from "gran imperio" and see how their sesame chicken is.

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