Thursday, October 29, 2009

happiness in a sandwich

today i am happy because my lunch is so delicious.

i have my usual sandwich: bread, meat, tomatoes, lettuce. but yesterday i went and got a change up of ingredients. I have a loaf of arnold double fiber whole wheat bread instead of the shaw's wheat bread. i figured that spending $1 more isn't that bad anyways...and most of my bread ends up being thrown out anyways so if i get a more expensive one i might take care of it more. then i got sara lee roast beef lunch meat. i've had enough of the haymarket turkey ham, and the typical packaged deli meat is so bland. then i realized that with roast beef i'd like to top it with a bit of dietz and watson horsedish spread instead of mayo and mustard. it's like both in one nice squeeze bottle, and it adds a tang to the roast beef.

nom nom nom.

and i also bought avocados. one of them was ripe enough that the top popped off, and left a little hole from which to suck the avocado pulp from. it was like drinking an avocado smoothie, directly from the source.

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Christine L. said...

:D this entry makes me happy