Saturday, July 4, 2009

what i did in summer vacation

serbia has been a huge learning experience. i've had a bunch of things that i've accomplished, and so many that i haven't. some of these were real goals - some were other stupid things that i wanted to do just to make myself a better person.

poomse competition at an international competition. (duh)
exchanged pins with people who don't speak english
gotten to know some people (anees, kris, stefan my roommate) better
reach a new level of photography (filling up a whole memory card)
getting random pictures with people (korean spectators, mexican player)

missteps: (mostly involving social aspects)
fucking talk to a french person in french, with mon accent americain (i'm such a wuss)
not have things lost or stolen (rain jacket and black belt)
get a picture with the peru poomse and sparring people
get more pins
get a koala pin/token - i thought the aussies were really only giving it to cute girls

other bonus events:
drinking a beer in broad daylight, in the mall, and drinking wine with the korean masters at the food court. as one serb said, "here, you do anything you want in public."

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