Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving to christmas, nonstop

it's the beginning of yet another winter holiday season. this year's thanksgiving officially started last friday for me when we went out after practice to the asgard. we met up afterwards at jackie's for some filtered vodka blind taste tests. saturday was auggie's housewarming. although omar was probably feeling a bit under the weather from jackie's, cchin and i were drink for drink and ball for ball against auggie and his brother.

the best things about thanksgiving is the three day week, and the fact that since there's no real work to be done during that time it becomes a 9 day weekend. we had another small party on tuesday, and even though everyone had something at 9 am the next day we finished four bottles of wine (which turns into 8 bottles of sangria). and found out that han giggles uncontrollably at the beginning of a scary movie, and juh takes about 30 minutes to find my place from 5 minutes away (sorry juh!)

then yesterday we decide that since people are leaving at 6 am for their flights home, it would be good to just stay up late. we hit a few bars, and in hindsight tavern was the best bar and we should have just stayed there, but we had a brief taste of enormous room before we went to suzanne's, tempted more by the offer of food over the possibility of free drinks.

today being the big turkey day, i will be joining phi sig for thanksgiving finally after 6 years of not ever experiencing our famous commissars' feasts. then perhaps a little drinking on friday again, then a little more on saturday. this week is the one where you gain the most weight, and lose the most brain matter. happy thanksgiving!

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