Thursday, November 6, 2008

bad car-ma

i hate cambridge parking and street cleaning. it's never given me a good time. maybe i should just learn and sell my car...but i guess the benefits outweigh the unfortunate costs. but apparently i scratched up someone's car this morning when i was parking my car on the nonsweeping side of the street. and although 1) i remember being proud of my parking job because i went in really cleanly and 2) i swear it was an SUV in front of me, not a chevy aveo, this rude aggro guy accused me of hitting his brand new car today. he says he got it on video tape. what got me is he kept threatening that i'd go to jail if i denied it. come on man, i'm not trying to rip you off, i just don't think i hit you and i'd like to see the security tapes. i just don't understand why he was so in my face. maybe that's how east cambridge townies and bostonians are.

i really have bad karma when it comes to my car. i have no good memories dealing with sweeping days because i've been screwed over every time i think "i should take my car to work today." add up the total costs and i may be close to being able to pay for a monthly parking. (actually, far from it.) and tomorrow is the thursday side, and of course i was too late to find a wednesday parking spot. i'm going to get up early to drive to work...but watch, they're going to ticket my street early or something.

i guess i have to take a look at the brighter side of everything. obama's president. i gave blood. life doesn't suck. other than having to deal with some unpleasant characters, this car incident can cost only a few hundred, hopefully max $200. (it's a tiny tiny tiny bumper scratch.) in the big picture, i've already passed the worry value of this problem. i should just forget it and save myself some heartache.

and i was hesitant to return home after practice today because i needed to rant, and i realized that being in taekwondo is the only thing that makes me happy. maybe i feel safe in the small world where what i say has worth, and what i do is admired and imitated (haha, self flattery), and i guess i can't hide from dealing with real world problems. but what's wrong with hiding away for two hours each day inside a 13x15 world of red and blue?

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