Thursday, November 6, 2008

reddit muscle memory

i bet a large percent of internet users go through digg or reddit regularly. thus it becomes a habit that whenever you go to enter a webpage, your fingers automatically start typing "". well i also visit some other sites when i'm procrastinating, like slickdeals, woot, and wireddeals. I was going to go to wireddeals, so i hit ^t and start typing, probably a bit faster than the browser, so the cursor hadn't quite loaded into the address bar yet...and in my mind i was going to but to my surprise reddit was being typed and i was seriously like wtf haunted keyboard? (the "wi" didn't appear so i had typed "redd"). that's a really creepy feeling, kind of like when you realize that tuesday nights are spent drunk driving home and you start thinking maybe it's time to stop drinking.

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