Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ramen noodle wisdom

from Iconic Noodle Celebrates 50th Anniversary (NPR):

"A few days later, after I flew home, a friend asked if she should leave her boyfriend. Unsure what to say, I opened Ando's book. One saying was related to his failure to sell a product called instant rice. "When you enter a market," Ando had written, "do it slowly. When you withdraw, do it quickly." My friend was single next day."

ramen provides all one needs in life. i have recently learned to appreciate instant noodles when rich moved in to my apartment, and also brought over all of his leftover food. and on days when i simply do not have time to cook, i am able to heat up some ramen, plus eggs and cut veggies, in my rice cooker. ah, to live simply. "mankind is noodlekind."

more advice from andy raskin based on momofuku's sayings: ramen advice

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