Thursday, August 21, 2008

lactose, lactose

8/19, 2:30 pm

i've always thought that i had a relatively strong stomach - living in a frat house and having a college life style requires certain strength of microvilli. so until only recently i've always been kind of blind to the possibility of being lactose intolerant, even though the statistics say that most asians probably have that problem. i used to think that it was because i'd eat healthy (only salad and fruit) that my stomach was rebelling and feeling upset, for lack of meat and carbs. but no, yesterday morning i had only milk and cereal, and cottage cheese, which is when i realized that it might just be the heavy amounts of dairy that was causing my stomach to bubble over.

so i did a experiment - i had tea instead of milk this morning. and behold - i was ok all morning.

i guess i'm somewhat disappointed - i'm a big fan of creamy foods, cheese, etc, and i'm always down for a big glass of milk shake, or cold milk and warm cookies. but i guess it's when i cut weight, and eat nothing but milk/high fiber cereal, then high fiber veggies, that shit hits the fan.

but just to confirm it, here is a small log that i will keep for the next few days:

Day 1 Aug 19
milk, cottage cheese, fruit
extremely flatulent. office mate was out so i let'er rip. spent about 15 minutes sharting in the gym bathroom.

Day 2
tea and muffin, then creamy lunch
fine until 2 pm, slight gurgling in stomach.

Day 3
breakfast was only a muffin and tea. lunch was delayed because of a meeting, and throughout the meeting my stomach rumbled almost like it was upset, but for lack of food rather than lack of lactase.
lunch was a tasty bite indian meal with brown rice. so far, a little bit of stomach rumbling. results inconclusive, maybe from hunger, maybe from other reasons.

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