Sunday, May 18, 2008

take that, iphone

my samsung a707 phone has finally reached its full potential.

i bought a set of accessories for it - usb cable, earphone jack, and some chargers. then after a bit of work - but considerably less work than it took to get my old motorola phone to work - i downloaded and installed the correct software to be able to transfer files to and from my phone.

and here, finally, are some of the photos i took using my camera phone. the quality is actually really good.

paul and steve!

more king richard's faire photos

a bugatti that i followed all the way to costco

spring at the old work place

and what's more, i can now more fully customize all my media with ringtones and mp3s. a 2gb microsd card for the phone only costs $15, making my phone a fully functional mp3, camera and phone. just like the iphone.

so currently i've got my new ringtone set up to be the ff7 battle victory song. the more calls i get, the faster i'll level up! but i've also got some rihanna and usher lined up. the speakerphone is actually pretty decent quality - it plays music louder than my laptop speakers. and there's no loss of sound quality through the earphone connector. i guess what was i expecting - the phone is supposed to have really good speakers because you're not going to talk to someone in MIDI.

so now my initial random decision to just get a media-able phone has paid off. i didn't think i would actually want to use my phone for multiple purposes, but after seeing that its camera quality and mp3 playing ability was pretty decent, i'm pretty glad i bought a sync.

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