Thursday, April 23, 2009

student life

when i joined Lake Washington Technical College for online courses, it felt almost wrong to enroll in a "college" and take the easy courses to be able to compete in taekwondo. I almost felt guilty for using them to achieve my athletic goals.

after last night, i don't think i need to hide my student status at all. LWTC is truly a full time collegiate workload. even though the subject matter doesn't come anywhere near a place like MIT, it's still taking a fuckload of my time.

yesterday i found myself in the athena cluster, late at night, working on my pset for my business finance class. actually, the exact words i used were "in the computer cluster doing my homework". it's been a long time since my hax0r days at MIT.

of course, i finished the work pretty quickly, and after scanning the textbook, it was obvious that business finance is a practical/applied course rather than all your theoretical and math based MIT courses. a quick snap of my excel whip and i had a fancy spreadsheet to submit. and california being 3 hours behind our time here, i submitted my work to my team at 7 pm, five hours ahead of the midnight deadline.

it's ironic that in order to do taekwondo, i am spending a much larger portion of my time doing schoolwork which has occasionally dipped into taekwondo time. if i can schedule my time a little better, i might be able to maintain both. but for the upcoming weekend there's two projects and a take home exam, in addition to two sets of web tutorials for tonight. i don't see it being a problem, just a painful time sink that will eat away at my video game time.

it is a bit weird, coming back to school (sort of) after working, because your sense of time has almost reached the adult level of bedtime at/before midnight, so when i'm in the student center at 10 it feels late. but it also makes me appreciate how much free time i had since graduation - and also how much free time a student could have if they did work 9-5, because when i was at MIT i think i did work at the same time i'm doing now, late at night, after tkd practice. what the heck did i do during the day?

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christine hsueh said...

you actually said "computer lab".