Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i've heard it many times this year - boston skips the spring and goes directly from winter to summer. i can sure believe that. i think it was only a few weeks ago that it still snowed, and last week there was a bit of the 50's, then today it was 90.

our seasons jump from extreme to extreme in the blink of an eye. earlier this month, we would jump at any temperature above 40, to throw a bbq, to go outside and toss disc while the sun was setting and before the cold started creeping in again. soon, it will be the cool nights that are savored, like tonight - a crack of the window will let in the breeze, perfectly cool for only a few days before the heat of summer bears down on boston.

living here is almost tragically poetic. you never really get what you want, and when you do, it's so brief. yet over the years you realize that it is the rarity of the good times that make them that much more precious.

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Ed said...

seriously, boston veterans (myself included) sound like spousal abuse victims when we talk about the climate.

one day... the sweet love of california climate.