Saturday, March 15, 2008


i had my wisdom teeth extracted today. i've always been unlucky at the dentists. i fear the drill and needle just as much as the next guy, and my one nightmare is that a drill or pick will slip and i'll feel it in one of my dental nerves. that's why i opted for full anaesthesia, and while they're at it, went ahead and did another operation on my root canal. (that's the third time now.)

surprisingly i wasn't very nervous going up to the surgery. i think it's because i knew that i'd be completely out, thanks to gas. but then they told me to make a fist so the veins on the back of my hand would pop out. i hate IVs, and at the moment the gas hadn't started taking effect so i'd say that was the most painful part of the surgery.

then the gas hit. it was slightly sweet smelling but somewhat suffocating, and i found myself preferring to breathe real air through my mouth instead. but i made do by only breathing out of my mouth, and then the high hit me. it was a very familiar high, except for a claustrophobia that accompanies being strapped down in a chair and having no choice to breath in the gas. but at that moment two things happened - all my muscles suddenly relaxed (and i sank about two inches downwards into the chair) - and my attention instantly focused on nothing but the hair of my doctor that was flapping with each breath i took. and the last thing i noticed was that they had another needle with some other injection, but it was no longer scary.

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