Thursday, March 13, 2008

light vs dark

i had a revelation today when i unscrewed the cap of my sprite bottle (now used to store water). i saw the familiar lines of code that go with and i thought for a second, sprite is also having a points system? then i saw the symbol on the label and realized that sprite and coke are made by the same company and i had been throwing away mycokerewards points from sprite.

but then my world collapsed. sprite and coke are mortal enemies (though deliciously complementary.) on a given night, you either want something light and citrusy, or something dark and deep. like sometimes you want a wine with your fish, and other times you want a beer with the burger, but generally they don't mix. and if you start with a rum and coke you can't go to the sickly sweet of a sprite and liqueur. so how is it that they both contribute to my rewards?

free tshirt, here i come!

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