Tuesday, February 26, 2008

waking up the ol blog

it occured to me just now that yesterday something funny happened before i went to bed that caused me some anxiety about surviving the night. there was a power outage or a fuse trip or something that made all the lights, my computers, the downstairs wireless transmitter, and the heat go out for a second. seriously, i didn't think charging my ipod would take up that much wattage. but for a moment i wondered if it would be a good idea to put my fire alarm back into its socket. because of my small kitchenette, i'm constantly unplugging it to cook, then replugging it on fear of a firey death in the middle of the night. so just in case i was tired enough to sleep through a fire, i plugged in my fire alarm and went to bed, wondering whether i'd wake up in blissful peace or blistered pieces. and today i'd completely forgotten about it. except now i wonder if it really was ok, or that one reincarnation of my self had died and my consciousness had transferred to another existence in some parallel universe.

so that's why i've decided to restart blogging. not because i'm not making progress at work.

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