Thursday, February 28, 2008

penny arcade manga

a part of me never wants to grow up and leave the wonderfully real-world-escaping worlds of comics, gaming and japanese culture. to me all of japan consists of high school age kids, and japan's only worthwhile output is anime and manga.*

however the world of american gaming is equally good at keeping 20-30 year old men living out their 15 year old lives. the flagship of the gaming community may very well be the comic Penny Arcade documenting the lives of two professional gamers/game reviewers living the life. not only do they provide comic relief and gaming references every WoW nerd would recognize, but Penny Arcade is a critic, reporter and watchdog of current events in the gaming world. most importantly, i find myself identifying with the message of many Penny Arcade strips, for example:

so what happens when you take an american artistic work completely out of context and cross cultural boundaries into the hands of a new artist (though the audience isn't necessarily different)? here is The Penny Arcade Remix Project.

here are some of my favorites, along with their originals:

"You are Tom Cloose!"
Original: A Mario Kart Double Dash reference
Old school Penny Arcade style
Oh those perverted japanese men
This one didn't learn any engrish
Original: here
Why the American economy is down
Is this what japanese think of american relationships? or just japanese ones?
original: reference to blade

* in reality japan is a rich, productive society whose many worthwhile exports include, economically, sushi and automobiles, and culturally her exports include anime and manga, kabuki theatre, ancient philosophy, american-adaptable horror films and bukkake porn.

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