Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the new science and math

more and more i'm beginning to think that being a nerd in high school is not enough. being good at science and math is no longer the ticket into a good college and future. parents, sending your kid to science summer camp? making them do research projects? making them practice math competitions? not enough. the new math and science whiz is entrepreneurship.

NFTE launch teaches kids to bring products to market in 4 days

Used to be we'd look up to the kids with high SAT scores. (In my geeky world, that is.) and those who were good at "extracurriculars" would get into the ivys. But that might not even matter anymore if your kid really knows how to think, and make their ideas real. instead of just memorizing the right answers, they create the right answers out of nothing.

and that's why my poor children are going to have to bear piano lessons, tennis lessons, math and science competitions, as well as learn business savvy.

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