Monday, April 25, 2011

gadgets galore

today, april 25th, is the day where i catch up on technology.

first, christine bought me a casio fh100 slowmotion capable camera. it records 640x480 at 120fps, which is definitely enough to capture sports and make those sweet slow motion videos for highlights videos. it is relatively hi-def at that speed as well. for higher definition video it does take 30fps at 720p which is way more than my last documentary, so it's going to be an upgrade for my videography in many ways. i spent a little bit of time recording my cat chasing a laser pointer: Bella.

next, I bought an iphone and finally upgraded my service, so now i am part of the "smart phone crowd" despite being ok with not having internet and gps on my phone for years. but it's for a iphone app project i am working on and my itouch didn't have a camera, so why not. time to join the modern crowd.

and i am doing all of this development on a mac mini loaned to me by my colleague on the project. i have so many new toys to play with.

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