Thursday, February 3, 2011


it is groundhog's day, and we have had our fourth (?) snowstorm of the winter. the first one was christmas, and i got back to NC in time to miss it. then there was another day when lincoln labs closed. then recently when lincoln closed early, and today when lincoln closed completely. except today, there was mostly rain, which made the streets slushy, the snow piles dense, and everything miserable, in general.

driving a stick shift in boston during a snow emergency is very stress inducing. mainly it's because people are all driving slowly and i have to really test my understanding of a clutch and first gear. but there were a few instances of trying to drive uphill from standstill, or trying to reverse into a parking spot half covered in snow, or driving through a huge puddle while going decently fast. i've decided that although manuals are fun, eventually i want a fully automatic electric/hybrid, and i want to move out of boston.

but, that being said, it's amazing to see piles of snow higher than the cars parked next to them, higher than the people walking behind them on the sidewalk. and if it weren't so grimy and cold, i'd be out there because there must be some great photos to be taken of boston winter storm of 2011.

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Nathan said...

Hope my stick shift isn't causing you too much trouble. Hopefully I can get your automatic back to you sooner rather than later.