Tuesday, February 2, 2010

more housing work

it's been a long while and I've found myself doing a bit of work every weekend, thus progress is slow. i've made a trip to home depot to buy 2x6x12 support beams and 4x4s to hold them up, then we opened a hole into the attic and decided that there's absolutely no load on it and it would be a waste of effort and space. so we just cut down the beams for the old wall, and lo and behold no ceiling came tumbling down. back to home depot to return $30 worth of wood.

i had electricians come in and they decided that I need to gut the whole thing so that they can properly rewire up the rooms. it's pretty interesting to tear down every wall, it's like a puzzle of where to put all the trash and how to get it out of the house. by now i've gotten pretty good at tearing out the slathes and taking down the plaster at the same time. we put mail bins underneath to catch all the debris, then throw the slathes into a large pile which is broken down and put into trashbags later. it'll be done eventually.

the current state of the windows. the trim is all down in order to tear down the paneling, and i dont think they can be recovered. also, note my new $39 green ladder :)

the remaining plaster left on the first room. the door was busted on the other side when a 4x4 fell and knocked a big hole in it.

the chimney. notice that some of the brick is crumbling. not sure what to do...i might just drywall it up.

what remains of the ceiling light connectors. this is all gonna go to the dumpster.

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David Chen said...

This looks like a ridiculous amount of work. I guess you're keeping yourself busy... good luck!