Monday, December 14, 2009


I've started to renovate my house. and by renovate i mean tear it down haphazardly and hope that drywall, spackle and paint will be enough to overcome any blunders. Hey, it sounds just like college! I've also set up some music and beer right next to the rooms i'm working on. soon when the paint fumes hit, it'll be so reminiscent of phi sig i'm going to cry.

anyway here are some photos from last week's work. i've since torn down more of the wall but got stuck.

View from the "Office" with panels and drywall on this side completely removed.

The first view of the "Small Bedroom" through the Office.

Studs and Jordan's ladder. It's a sweet ladder.

A view from the Small Bedroom. There is a panel that is stuck behind some window trimming that will have to come down.

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