Sunday, September 6, 2009

moonlit photography gig

last night i did a photography gig for mark and his girlfriend. he threw her a surprise birthday party on his awesome north end apartment roofdeck. i got some spectacular shots not because of any skill of mine but because the setting was so great. here is mark surprising his girlfriend.

i met a lot of cool people and we had drinks and a lot of food. i guess i'm not one to be a pure photographer - i partook in the celebrations as well and i think it made the whole experience better.

the night sky was really pretty and i got a bunch of cool silhouette shots. well, it was just that i couldnt really get good photos so i told people i was taking silhouette shots. at one point, someone brought out a "wine bong" and i was like this is a strange mix of college and grown up drinking parties. yes, even i had some.

there was one point as well when they took photos of the mothers and daughters - the two girls who were best friends and their moms took a picture together. only today did it occur to me that in a different setting, "mother-daughter shot!" would have meant something completely different.

it was a cool night. i hope i get invited to more party photography gigs.


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