Monday, August 17, 2009

business cards

I got my bartending license from drinkmaster yesterday. i feel so empowered, independent, and entrepreneurial. i am now legally allowed to get people drunk for pay! but not only that, it gives me a drive to start looking for gigs. before, i could have looked for gigs, but it's much harder to go to a bar, restaurant, or even a private party, and say "i have lots of experience, bartending at my frat." but now it's like i can present them with a little business card that says "Bobby Ren, bartender" and they'll take it with much more confidence.

and this business card is awesome. i'm willing to bet, though, that almost every bartender who is new to the business has a similar one, and every old bartender has their own custom made one. or they just dont care anymore and get jobs through connections.

and one other thing i realized. craigslist is like a MUD or MMORPG quest board. you just have to go after as many gigs postings as you can, and eventually you'll level up. when you think of it that way, a job can be awesome. i tried to apply that feeling to a regular job, ie projects, but it just isnt the same when you're not looking at a one time "quest" with a specific payoff.


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