Tuesday, June 24, 2008

trader joes high fiber cereal

trader joes sells a high fiber, low calorie cereal that is literally shaped like little packing pellets or the little rice noodle crisps you get with lettuce wraps, and tastes just about as bland. it's basically the most plain, unpretending cereal you can get. the title doesn't even try to make it sound appetizing. it's just short of being called trader joe's high fiber hamster pellets for humans. or bedding.

but right now it tastes so good. there's a point when your body normally craves real food - things that have real fat content, or salt and spices, or fulfilling, high calorie carbs. then it gets to a point where even the small amount of processable grain matter in each spoonful of pellet can be savored on your tongue, and the fiber is a vehicle to fill your stomach. and that's when you know it's only a week to tournament.


Omar said...

bobby's blog!
awesome. =)

good luck cutting weight!

Anonymous said...

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