Friday, November 9, 2007

office gourmet

i have some stringent eating habits, especially when it comes to the daily grind. the workday lunch is a sacred routine that many partake in but few appreciate. for me, it's a ritual that starts either the night before or in the morning, if i have time, and continues to about 3:30 pm every day. some days, i pack a lunch, including various snacks that sustain a procrastinator during every phase of the work process. other days i decide it's worth the five bucks to buy some real food.

today, i've packed the usual - lean cuisine, because i was too lazy to make a sandwich - breakfast for the road so i can get in relatively early, and snacks - apples and peas in a container. but then eating the peas stirred some memories that had been buried, from i'm not sure when. maybe it was from days when i was experimenting with cooking technique in the humble kitchens of phi sig annex. maybe it was when i truly had nothing in my fridge except peas and ketchup. maybe it was even grade school days when your salisbury steak (with ketchup) dripped into your peas. but for some reason i decided to open one of those many ketchup packets i've taken from the cafeteria and never used, and it just made sense to eat the peas with it. something clicked. it just made sense.

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